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  1. Landslide / Zsuv
    short documentary

    UKRAINE/ 2017/ 26’

    director – OLEKSIY RADYNSKI


    co-producer – LYUBА KNOROZOK

    director of photography – SASHA BOJKO, MAX SAVCHENKO

    composer – HDSH

    Landslide is a lm that represents post-revolutionary Ukraine through a community of people who ‘try to build a new society’ in the cracks and pores of a collapsing social system. The lm unfolds in central Kyiv, in an area that has been reclaimed from the city by the nature. As a result of a series of landslides, the area of Petrivska street has become untenable and has been subsequently occupied by outcasts and outsiders of all kinds. It is also become an important meeting spot for representatives of counterculture and the artistic underground. A secretive graf ti team, a group of tech geeks and an avant-garde gay theatre that ed the war in Luhansk, all struggle to create a place where they can coexist outside the pressure of dysfunctional social structures.